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Zebra Cake from 2007, and Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

Dear Readers , First off, the above is a transitional header and name (desserts and line drives was too long).  I still haven’t decided where I’m going to go with this, but I got sick of looking at that ugly, … Continue reading

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One..NO TWO – Macarons, December cookie baking, and my fear of THE TRIPOD

To start off, this was supposed to be my entry for Jamie (of Life’s a Feast) and Deeba’s (of Passionate About Baking) MacTweets MacAttack last week.  Now that it’s 10 days late, and pretty much null and void,I suppose I’ll just have to call … Continue reading

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The ummm..Best Peanut Butter Cheesecake Swirl/Chunk? Brownies..EVER!

The ‘ummm’ in the title refers to the fact that I don’t believe there is a ‘best’ of anything, especially when it comes to food, but it’s a term that’s used quite often in many situations to spark people’s curiosity enough … Continue reading

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O Canada Yummy Canada! Nanaimo Bars!

OK..I’ve only been to Canada once in my life..Montreal. The only problem is, I never got to see or experience it, since I was literally still attached to my mother’s umbilical cord. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to visit … Continue reading

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