Halloween FINGER food! Spooky Edible Fingers!

Since Halloween just so happens to be my favorite holiday, I made you all a lovely little spread of finger foods, but not just any finger foods, actual FINGER food! Yes, edible FINGERS. Yum, yum!

We’ve all dabbled in/scarfed down plenty of finger foods (bloggers are using the term more than ever now!!!!), whether it be hors d’oeuvres or appetizers at parties, or anything small you can pick up with two fingers and pop in your mouth. BUT, these are not those kind of finger foods, although they are hand-held, these are fingerlicious foods in not only a literal sense, but a figurative one too!

Halloween FINGER FOOD! All kinds of tasty severed fingers for Halloween! Both sweet and savory!

Cue scary music…ACTUAL SEVERED FINGERS MADE OUT OF FOOD! Gruesome, but tasty; bloody, but delicious blood, as in red tinted white chocolate blood! Ghoulish fingernails, bone, and warts made of almonds, hairy witch fingers made with a sprinkle of shredded Parmesan cheese, or any type of shredded cheese that will (at least slightly) hold it’s shape to resemble hair, when baked.

Your guests will love these! Mine always do! They look forward to it every Halloween! Serve with some gruesome dips, like a bloody salsa and green vomit guacamole, or green, black or red tinted, melted white chocolate dips for the cookies!

Need or want something a little more healthy? Try celery and carrot sticks with almond slices glued on with peanut butter or cream cheese, for the nails.

Witch's Finger Breadsticks

 Hairy Witch Finger Breadsticks From Scratch

Hairy Witch Finger Breadsticks from a Can

Witch's Finger Breadsticks

Crispy Cheddar Cracker Witch's Fingers

Crispy Cheddar Cracker Witch’s Fingers (Like Cheeze-Itz, but better!)`

Severed Witch and Human Finger Cookies

Severed Witch and Human Finger Cookies
I used melted white chocolate, colored with red food color gel, for the blood, instead of jam, and colored the witch’s finger dough with green food color gel. Don’t forget to roll up some tiny, green cookie dough ‘warts’ for the witch’s long, green, skinny fingers!

Severed Witch and Human Finger Cookies

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, and I hope everything you chow down on is CHOPPED OFF FINGER lickin’ good! Mwhaa Ha Ha Ha!

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