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Miniature Peanut Butter Caramel Apples #Applelove

If you love caramel dipped apples, you’ll love these almost bite-sized, miniature¬†peanut butter caramel dipped apples! Using tiny apples, like lady apples, gives you a more manageable caramel apple, and less calories, though not any less delicious and enjoyable! Easier … Continue reading

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Tempura, Soba, and the Flu, I think.

There’s nothing like the light, crispy crunch of a perfect tempura batter, plus some awesome, garlicky vegetable soba noodles! Japan or bust! I love just about every international cuisine out there. I say just about, because there are some I’ve … Continue reading

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Would you like a Bib with your Pierogi? Lobster Pierogi!

Have you ever had a piece of kitchen equipment, whether it be a gadget, something electric, just sitting around gathering dust because you never use them? You hold on to them anyway because who knows, you might need it one … Continue reading

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