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Vanilla Bean Brown Butter Cinnamon Challah Twist: A Guest Post for ‘Baking with Heritage’ at Food Wanderings

A few months ago, Shulie, from the beautiful blog, Food Wanderings, asked me to write a post for her Baking with Heritage series.  I couldn’t have been more flattered, not to mention excited, since this would allow me to journey … Continue reading

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Baklava Success…Phyllo Fail.

Back in 2009, a friend and I were discussing my 1st Daring Bakers challenge hosting gig, trying to decide what I should challenge everyone with.  I was throwing out ideas, and like many first pitches in baseball, they were all over the place. Baklava was … Continue reading

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Zenyatta (yada yada) Crostata

SO, what if that actually was the title of the Police Album? Would the tracks be something like, ‘Don’t Stand to Close to Pie’ or ‘Driven to Pears’? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m late for yet another challenge, although technically, I … Continue reading

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